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Shems Ua Netert


I found your reply (post #3049) to Akua’s post #3022 on this lesson to be illuminating, in particular when you wrote that living by Maat takes the form of actions that “lead to HTP or peace and balance since such a person lives for truth and not for acquiring objects or in fear of losing objects; not living to prove anything to others or ridicule others; not living to create entanglements but only within the bounds of order and truth. Such a mind is able to have peace and balance for meditation and no impinging thoughts derived from an agitated life.”

I need more peace in my life.

We’re taught by society that living life amounts to desperate attempts to acquire objects and to cling to them, to impress others, e.t.c. All the effort put into living life that way is exhausting, and seems to lead to only more problems instead of solving them. Instead of continuing to live that way, I am grateful for the opportunity to develop peace of mind through practicing the Shedy disciplines, including righteous living.