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A very comprehensive and insightful post. I never tire of hearing about the wonderful insights of the teaching of Aset and Ra. Many things you have learned from the videos or realized through your reflections will be expounded upon further as we move into the texts. For now I would like to highlight a few items and add some further specific insights.

About your statement: “Her knowledge of the lower mysteries is no longer satisfying and she knows that there is something more to life than the status quo and society’s conventional wisdom. Aset then ponders on how she can attain Ra’s name in a good way.”

It is not often discussed directly but how did we get from dispassion about the world to focusing on the name of Ra? Well, it is based on a ubiquitous concept in Neterian culture, that the name of anything is its true essence. When we name things with the mind we are -in the wisest sense-calling it by something that explains it. If you say “hey you” it is not the same as saying “hey Malika” the name implies certain feelings, mannerisms, ways of looking and thinking related to this object that has been named. If you say “hey you” it is because you are ignorant about what you are calling. So we can safely assume that Aset reasons “what is the ultimate name that will give me most satisfaction, most hetep?” Of course the answer is the name of the supreme being in time and space i.e. Ra.


About your next statement: “One last point on their relationship is that when Aset receives the true name of Ra, Ra goes back to directing the boat of a million years and Aset continues on her journey as well. They don’t switch places, Aset doesn’t all of a sudden have new duties in life. I believe this means that when Nehast is reached the world of time and space doesn’t change. It stays the same waiting on everyone else to figure out the mystery. What changes is how we look at it, how we interact with it, the world no longer holds sway over us and through discovering the divine we realize it was all a dream.”

Indeed, upon attaining enlightenment the world does not change and the enlightened person’s body does not change. However, their mind has changed, what little of earthly pull to egoistic attachment might have been there becomes inconsequential -meaning that there is a remnant that remains, otherwise how would enlightened people relate to mortals? It means that that remnant, what has been whittled down from a raging fire of lust, jealousy, envy, greed, etc. of regular egoistic people, has been brought to a level akin to a transparent veil that is no longer opaque and therefore is no longer obstructive of the higher vision and is thus no longer effective in holding the soul down and cleaving it to mortal thoughts, feelings and desires. It means living with a mind that is not constrictive and entangling but free and perceptive of divine entity everywhere. It means peace always and satisfaction/contentment perennially and most of all internally experiencing the nature of being Asar -and realizing that was always the case and will always be. This is what is meant by recognizing the world as a dream…


On your statement: “One point that was made is that Aset no longer needs the approval of society or its concepts as well as her own limited ego. She is no longer deluded and needs society and the egoistic aspects of herself as a crutch. She doesn’t revel in her knowledge of temporal things. She puts all this aside to seek the highest truth. I saw this as a positive movement for an aspirant.”

and another statement: “As was stated in the third or fourth video is that we should begin to look at creation like it is coagulated divinity and not the various objects of creation. We should internally be thinking that the earth and what comes from it is Geb, the air is Shu, the sky is Nut.”

Indeed, intellectually it can be understood that all is energy and all is coagulated spirit but upon experiencing it it is absolute knowing without doubts or intervening pressure from aryu to believe based on feelings of the unconscious negative aryu filled heart as opposed to proven evidence – like believing dinosaurs existed at the time of Adam and Eve etc. Aset Nehast is being free from family, community, country, world and universe as an egoistic attachment and being capable of acting in accord with truth which allows undistorted love and caring for Aset Nehast also means discovering all are also manifesting Neter (Divine Self) and deserve the same respect, caring and regard for one who is lost in a wilderness (for the indigent and the super rich and the friday partier and the one who desires to have children are all caught in a wilderness of negative (deluded) aryu. Aset Nehast is being free from all that and acting by choice instead of impel-ation or compel-ation. And this is Aset Unveiled and the way things were meant to be.


This next statement was important: “I think the most important take away I have gained so far is that Ra knowingly allows his spittle to fall to the ground and everything else that ensues after. Another point is that Ra even when sick chooses to give up his name instead of just allowing the poison to kill him. From my understanding the divine is always waiting to be poisoned by us in order to reveal the truth behind it.”

Ra (Creation) has weaknesses which are there by design, for otherwise how would there ever be freedom from the illusion? Those weaknesses are explored and exploited by the mystic. If one were to concentrate on the contradictions of life, the pointlessness of physical existence only to die in a short time, the insatiable nature of human desires or the futile search for happiness in time and space, etc., and instead worked on accepting those contradictions instead of denying them and then reverse the flow of the senses and desires from the world to turn them inward and focused on the true nature of Creation (Name of Ra) then we discover that Creation is actually a projection of energy caused by movement of particles of Neteru (As we will see) – impelled by a magical power (Hekau) that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting souls; But, eons before the first quantum physicist of modern times, Aset was on the case on our behalf (God inspired the sages of old [priests and priestesses mystics] to record their researches and discoveries in the timeless nature of myth and hieroglyphic philosophy (Sebait); to discover when we were ready and disposed to do so..


As for your statement: “As stated in the videos, no matter what we can do, no matter where we can go, no matter how many kids we can have and no matter how great the legacy we can leave it will all disappear eventually and really offers us no benefit when it comes to reaching Nehast. “


That says it all!…