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Bastu Baket

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Dua Sebai Maa for your comprehensive reply to my TOA Lesson 2 post #4396.

I appreciate your fine tuning and understand further the difference of Aset’s level of “knowing” at that point. I have not heard the term “shezau” – “skilled intellect, learned study of books” (study of teaching or worldly knowledge) and understand that at that point she had not gained an experiential knowing of Ra, her true essence but was more informed faith and that can only lead us so far. But Aset’s example for us of her khab ab, her repudiation of worldly knowledge and desires and her antet begag, relentless pursuit allows us to lift the blanket of ignorance and that if she could attain the experience of knowing Ra in the as a mortal living woman/man we can follow in her footsteps but not by just saying or thinking that we could, but by re-producing the formula which she so generously shares with us. Piercing the illusion of the world, repudiating it, being relentless in the goal of abiding truth. Once that is reached then we can be in this world of time and space as this was our Ariu but realize there is more to our existence than what is being presented to our senses, our essence that cannot be affected by it’s illusoriness.

I also appreciated your point to notice how “Aset did not falter when Ra was in dire pain and writhing on his bed with pains to his bones.” I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that along this path we experience the pains of loneliness, of feeling odd, not fully understood but these are the pains of Ra, pains of illusion and delusion. We push away the world as we turn to the Gods and Goddesses, the teachings, Shedy disciplines, others of like mind and of course our Preceptors to assist and strengthen our resolve to be as Aset with all her attributes and attain union with Ra. But it is us that must do the work, as you stated in your reply to Uab Ra Tem’s post “it has to come from within, from the aspirant” no one can do it for us, just as Aset did. She did not go to any other Gods and Goddesses and ask them to tell Ra to tell her his name, she alone used her capacities, her will, her mind, her purity as a human being to achieve her goal. She then showed her compassion and allowed Ra (creation) to move forward. Why would she do this? So that we her followers, human beings may do as she had done but we must be mature, not in age but in our approach with dispassion, detachment and relentlessness to attain the ultimate goal of Enlightenment.

Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja!

Shems Baket