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This is a reply based on Sebai Maa’s reply #3051 to Charle’s post #3025

The point that was made by Sebai Maa when he said that dry intellectualism leads to self serving philosophies. I feel that at one point and time I saw myself turning my spiritual practices into something that was serving my ego instead of leading me towards a higher outlook and experience of the teachings and life. I had realized that I had become so egotistical about the knowledge I had gained it actually pushed me away from the teachings as I was in a spiritual slump. I finally awoke from it and began to seek the teachings out again which I had already started reading Sebai Maa’s books but this time it had a different feeling to it. As devotion to the divine is a concept I at first thought was rooted in orthodox religion I have since then learned what true devotion is and where it is derived from and in turn learned what true knowledge is and how it should be handled. I continue to water the seeds of devotion and knowledge in my life and in time I know through the integral practice of shedy the goal is assuredly mines.