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Aset for West Wall copy


Good reflections

In the mysteries the snake is a symbol of resurrection since it sheds its skin and as if changes its clothes and puts on a new body. It can also refer to the dual Serpent Power life force. When they are united (harmonized) and caused to climb the subtle spine, then the two are concentrated and represent the unified force (sekhem) guided by one-pointed mind directed at the sun. The sun is a symbol of immortality because it ever shines and it is source while other lights, like the moon, flicker and change like life and death and life again.

About your statement: “Aset wanted to know the name of Ra and she realized it could not be done just by looking at Ra, or just saying to Ra I want to know your name.”

Indeed, Ra (meaning Creation) does not reveal its secret identity and indeed that has to come from within, from the aspirant, meaning the will to reveal the true identity needs to be in the aspirant and then the actions to make that revelation happen must be undertaken by the aspirant. Since the aspirant is essentially the supreme spirit albeit caught up in the delusion of being weak and deluded by worldly experiences, when the aspirant gains full power and control of their faculties then the illusion (Ra) reveals the true identity of the Creation.

About your statements: “She kept on listening, concentrating and meditating on what Ra was saying before she responded.” And “Aset was not being argumentative but listening to Ra with patience.”

This is an interesting observation, that my reading of the scripture shows insistence when she asked him twice to reveal the name but she did not argue about it. She resolved to force the issue, not wasting energy fighting but rather applying it in concentration towards the desired goal.

Very well