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iceberg Ren Ka and Ab


A clarification: The meditation systems are not meant for an aspirant to practice them all but rather to choose one main one to practice, one that resonates with them and offers them an entry into a viable and sustained spiritual practice that will develop into a deep introspective movement. A correction: “Nut Nefer” should be “Knumt Nefer.”

This idea of growing in “degrees” is important to understand since the mind should be thought of as an iceberg where move of the aryu we are working with and need to change is hidden under the surface. If you want to move in a particular direction you cannot because the rest of the iceberg is moving in accord with different currents that are unbeknownst to you. Therefore there needs to be patience and perseverance (Antet Begag) and looking for incremental but sustained progress.

So, as the iceberg takes long to change course and long to melt so too the aryu (unconscious impressions from previous experiences in this and previous lifetimes) in the Ab takes time to be cleansed, cleared and purified so that the higher desires of the conscious mind (Ka) will be possible and effective. Until then the teaching is to be followed with regularity and patience.