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Great Truth of Shetaut Neter scroll B papyrus



A detailed and on point posting.

I could tell that you enjoyed going through this assignment and exploring the philosophical concepts about impermanence and the pursuit of happiness. As you do this the maturing mind becomes more comfortable with such teachings and accepts them as actualities as opposed to most people who reject them as incomprehensible anti life ideas. They reject because their ego at the same too strong with fear and desire as well as too weak face and to accept the implications of what they mean and what action will be required to bring life into line with that wisdom. An avid aspirant is the opposite; they move towards those truths and accept them and start looking away from the world for their happiness and towards the teachings and their inner spiritual sustenance and discovery of inner fortitude not requiring worldly illusions to be temporarily satisfied.

The Great Truths are a glorious summary of the entire Neterian teaching, like a formula, like E=mc2 -such that when you study it’s deeper meanings and details and vast implications it opens up the whole world of Shetaut Neter and all of its scriptures. Knowing it, by heart, even if other scriptures are not known by heart, it coalesces their energies and wisdom to a place of in the mind, of stability from which a solid foundation of spiritual evolution is created.