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Bruce Lee - It is like a finger pointing to the moon

“The extension of the intellect which we possess for the survey of transcendent things, is very narrow; but most ample when it shall perceive with the felicity of self-consciousness.”

First of all it is important to understand that the mind you are using to try to understand the question itself is incapable of understanding the real answer since that answer is ultimately to be experienced and not cognized with the intellect. Any answer given intellectually will fall short but if followed properly to an intuitional insight that is experienced beyond mind – then we can say it served its purpose. So the philosophy is to be reflected upon over an extended period and through cleansing the personality and sharpening the intellect and opening the heart to higher feeling then the answer becomes apparent. For now suffice to say that the transcendental aspect is beyond time and space and since time and space encompasses words and concepts therefore the transcendent is beyond words and forms too. Yet we describe it like a person describing the boon but the problem is most people look at the finger and not the moon and so the descriptions are only approximations and what is discovered in the end is something beyond words but which the philosophy leads to; Therefore the philosophy is not truth but points to it and it is the task of the aspirant to study the philosophy and look to the moon.