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There were many interesting and important reflections in your post.

When you said “He mentions that he considers himself to be a Devotee of Aset and whilst writing a screen play on the Mysteries of Asar came to realize he was actually writing about Aset.” This reminded me of those years when writing the screenplay and how that revelation emerged. It is fascinating to realize the important role of the goddess and in so doing also reveals a flaw in the patriarchal paradigm that loses the balance in spirit and in secular life; all of which leads to social and family imbalance and spiritual incapacity.

In your statement “It is the left brain, an ego based standard, that tries to find fault, but true mystics look for the hidden truth in the iconography.” This is another fascinating aspect of humanity that thwarts the spiritual movement and bolsters ego, the tendency to find fault and in so doing support the dictates and desires of the ego. There can be no absolute perfection in time and space and there will always be something off, some error, usually small or just something that does not conform to the aspirant’s ego expectations of what the teaching or teacher is supposed to be. But an avid aspirant learns to recognize the expert understanding and perfection of concept that is being alluded to and imparted and if that is possible then there can be real spiritual advancement. Humility, reverence and respect for the teaching, the neteru and the authentic teacher, are the key to develop.

About your statements: “I suspect this is why those who begin their spiritual aspiration on the authentic Kemetic path sometimes do not continue. It requires a great deal of thought discipline to follow Kemetic Spirituality and I believe that this is no accident.”


“These are daily disciplines and require practice (experience) to realize progress.”

Indeed, in order to tread the path of temple initiation it does require certain determination and stamina that comes from a certain level of ethical conscience (maat) and spiritual maturity, so it is not a path specifically for the masses. For them the exoteric aspect of the teaching is enjoined until individuals from those ranks are ready to advance. Until then they are to practice public ritual, personal in home worship and ethical living to the extent possible.

About your statement: “If I wanted easy I would go to church once a week and be done with it. I find that Shetaut Neter is more rewarding in the Higher sense. I also most appreciate the mentoring aspect of the Spiritual Preceptor in the Neterian Tradition because it allows me to ask questions, rather than remain frustrated about the things that I don’t know.”

I chuckled when reading this because, though I understand what you meant, I was thinking of how those who do that think so erroneously, going to church once a week as most Christians think, is actually not being done with it in the sense that it actually compounds the problem that they are not done with, the problem of human unconscious impressions that will prevent them from going to heaven no matter how much they think they are following as “good Christians”. That level of spiritual practice is more like placating the cries of the soul and the suffering of human existence but only for a short time and not leading to the real solutions about the source of the problems of life: egoism and ignorance of the knowledge of self. Indeed, the path is tough but that toughness has been caused by humans themselves and not until they are ready will there be effective and lasting relief: Nehast.


“The path of immortality is hard, and only a few find it. The rest await the Great Day when the wheels of the universe shall be stopped and the immortal sparks shall escape from the sheathes of substance. Woe unto those who wait, for they must return again, unconscious and unknowing, to the seed-ground of stars, and await a new beginning.”



And your statement: ““everyone is a King or Queen in the Mystical sense”,”

This is not hyperbole or analogy, it is actually metaphor –meaning that in terms of actual astral and spiritual reality every human is in fact being referred to by the temple when it speaks of kings and queens and this is understood mythically as the kings and queens are perfected human in a conceptual (not physical” sense, and they are also Asaru (includes both men and women) –therefore, this again is not to be seen as referring to people existing eons ago – this is the way that the uninitiated see it, exoterically; When you go to the temple or read the text and it mentions kings and or queens and or Asaru’s it is referring to whoever is uninitiated, as political or ritualistic reference and to the initiated as reflections of their own higher perfected selves.

Well done