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Level 1 – Lesson 6
Great truths of Shetaut Neter

Demonstration of devotional worship

1. Dua posture
2. Lighting the candle – This symbolises lighting the spirit within ourselves
3. Lighting the incense – This symbolises our personality. Through the fragrance of our personality the divine is drawn toward us bringing us prosperity and enlightenment
4. Pouring libations – Continuous pouring symbolises continuous mental thought. Libations are poured onto the HTP slab and roll down in to different places until they meet. This symbolises the union, the union of duality. Giving up the concept of opposites.
5. Food offering –
Offering chant: Hotep di nesu Neter aah Anpu Wepwat neb ta djser per kheru cha chaaped si Ntr ari Maa Kheru
Offering chant translation: Offering is given to the Supreme Divinity and to Anpu (preparer of the traveller) and Wepwat (opener of the ways), lord of the sacred land the spoken offering is 1000 beef (complete maleness) and 1000 geese (complete femaleness). This causes the Divine to make one true of speech
Hekau was offered 4 times. 4 times symbolising creation.

HTP is also the offering table/slab. I do also believe that hieroglyphic symbol for HTP is the offering table.

Spiritual maturity is needed in order to actually attain Spiritual enlightenment, Sebai MAA mentions we must be tenacious and diligent in our devotion and practise toward the divine. You cannot find happiness in the world of time and space because this reality is not abiding. It is constantly changing. Life shows you constantly that things never stay the same things are constantly changing. You cannot be attached to this world and this knowledge of self and the nature of the universe grows with your maturity. Everything in life constantly fades away. Things that happened 200,000 years ago aren’t even known generously in our time right now. Everything the person who was alive 200,000 did is now gone. Its as if it never actually happened. This tells us that we are not here to find ‘romance’, have a big house, big car, large family, go on trips all the time. Because once you leave you do not take anything with you but your spirit and in societies case nowadays a whole load of negative Aryu. This negative aryu was caused by you In your lifetimes by your spiritual ignorance.
Ancient Kemetic proverb
“The body belongs to the earth, the soul belongs to the spirit”
“Know thyself”
(Rekh Ab)

The Ancient Kemetic temple has 3 separate sections.
Temple door. Symbolises your desire to aspire.
Section 1. You receive initial teaching. Where you will get a devotional feeling. This is where the singing, prayers, music and chanting happens mostly.
Section 2. High philosophy goes on here, but not higher philosophy
Inner-most section 3. For those who have received the light, become enlightened.

First great truth
The supreme being is one and alone as the Neberdjer manifesting everywhere in all things in the forms of Gods and Goddesses.
– This teachings helps us to know ourselves, Know who we are, to know our abiding and underlining consciousness and not get pulled into the illusions of the world. Knowing we are spirits rather than this human vessel we often identify ourselves with helps us to loosen our attachment to our ego selves and our sense of individualism.

Second great truth
Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the Divine.
– This teachings shows us that when we deviate from our righteous path, we open doors to being pulled into the senses of the body, feelings of the body ect. These are called fetters. We then forget ourselves and become more ignorant and more arrogant toward the teachings.

Third great truth
Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set.
– The Divine is the only abiding thing. Everything is relative and dependant and always changing. We cannot rely on anything I the world of time and space to keep us at ease or at peace. Only devotion to the divine and knowledge of self can really ensure peace within. We then discover the true meaning of life and our true underlying nature and become unfazed by all in life.

Fourth great truth
The practise of the shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the Divine this is called being truth of speech.
– Shedy disciplines ensures you have an integral practise as well a practise that actually purifies your heart and aryu.

Planes of existence– Ta – Physical realm
– Pet – Never world/Over world/The in-between
– Duat – Where Ra dwells
– Transcendental – Where the ALL dwells.

What interested me
I was most interested in the speaking’s in regards to the devotion to the divine. I always used to wonder to myself, “What is meant by devotion?” Am I supposed to feel some sort of love or devotion like in Christianity you see people like nuns getting married to God. But now it has been clarified to me, You just have to have a wanting and a yearning to evolve spiritually and mentally. You can’t just want to have the teachings in your mind to show off your wisdom. Or to just say you’ve been to a lecture or you know a bit about a subject, you have to genuinely want to change and become enlightened. You have to be mature and focused on a task and let go of all in this world of time and space because nothing in it can make you truly happy or at peace. Having devotion ensures that you are always concentrated towards the divine so as to not be drawn into the ignorance and distractions of the world.