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Bastu Akhu

Level 1 – Lesson 13 – Audio Assignment-3511 How to be a successful Student – Part 2A & 2B Q & A

1. What are the main teachings brought out in the audio lecture recording? Explain in your own words

The Devotional Chant Of Aspirants:

Amma su en pa neter sauu – k su emment en pa neter au tuanu ma qeti pa haru
Give thyself to GOD, keep though thyself daily for God; and let tomorrow be as today.

This chant was one of the main themes brought out in this audio recording. My perception of this chant is that life itself is an offering to the Divine because the Divine sustains and is life itself and if aspirants remember this today then tomorrow can be just as today. In remembering this an aspirant should apply the teaching in some way everyday through becoming an excellent student by gradually developing their study techniques, memory, expression of the teachings, integral shedy etc. Striving for purity of mind, purity of heart, purity of understanding, spiritual strength and awareness of the highest goal of life which is enlightenment and sustaining this day by day.

Another theme of this audio lecture that came out of the question and answer session had to do with asking the Higher Self for guidance. Though this is the ultimate goal an aspirant should understand that in the beginning of spiritual aspiration, the birth of Heru, one is dependent on the teaching and the teacher because aspiration requires protection from the world in its infancy, thus confirmation of one’s understanding (such as we are engaging in with our teachers in this class) is needed until an aspirant rely fully on one’s Higher nature as aspiration grows. This growth occurs gradually and over time as an aspirant purifies themselves of vices, egoism through a life of virtue (Maat) and understanding of the philosophy. It is also beneficial to know that some qualities of enlightenment are patience, control of the senses, balance, inner peace and the understanding of the oneness of creation. This is a reflection Maatian principles as well.

Third theme had to do with Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) History and the misrepresentation of it through popular media outlets and some Egyptologists etc. The misrepresentation causes speculative questions that are untrue and not needed at all but used to make their ‘programs’ more appealing to their audience. As truth seekers, aspirants should be mindful of this not only as a distraction but also as against the principles of Maat that speaks out against gossip which is what speculation is. Instead an aspirant should focus on studying what’s real and righteous, true reality and leave fantasies behind. It is indeed a waste of energy.

In addition, though the Aton Hymn wasn’t a theme in the audio itself, Sebai briefly spoke of its importance in understanding the underlying essence of creation that resonated with me. He said that the Aton is the true and underlying life force that sustains the formation of life from the embryo, it sustain the coming together of the sperm and an egg. The Aton being the true source of life, is in essence Spirit. So Spirit is what operates and sustain matter in time and space. Sebai gave the example that when someone dies the body parts (matter) are physically intact but there is no life because the Spirit which supports life is beyond the body, beyond time and space. So ALL is and is sustained by this very essence, its the support of ALL life. As Sebai said “…the spirit operates through matter and support the activities of matter in time and space in order to have experiences but the underlying source is Spirit…” Listening to this part of the audio made me reflect deeply on Maat, in fact my mind told me that Spirit is Maat and this was not the first time. Sebai, is there a difference between Spirit and Maat, philosophically or otherwise?

2. Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture?

Ny, though gradual, I am able to discern more of what’s true vs. untruth than I was able to in the past due to applying the teachings. I see where dispassion is a natural process of adhering to the teachings as well. However, some thoughts and actions I am able to let go easier than others. I find it’s not always easy to act on ‘truth’ but the awareness of the error in my thinking and action is now seen as something to put on my spiritual to do list, and I have faith that in time, as I continue with self-effort, I will be able to accept absolute truth with all my organs of action, thought,speech and deed. I also notice that some things are naturally just ‘falling off’ as well where I just no longer have an interest in or for them. I am now also beginning to get some insight into the human predicament and gross ignorance for what it is and it is humbling to know that the path of enlightenment exists and is the ultimate goal of life, this helps me in cultivating patience.

3. If not then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing in your life and spiritual practice ?

I will implement the teachings by following them to my capacity through the shedy disciplines, striving for purity of mind, purity of heart, purity of understanding, spiritual strength, and awareness of the highest goal, knowledge of Self and the Divine and sustaining this day by day.


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