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Mystically Aset, is the symbol of wisdom, “rech”. She is a philosophy of life wisdom. One of Her main symbol is the tiet or the tyet also called the knot of Isis (meaning welfare, life). The tiet resembles an ankh, except that its arms are curve down which seems to represent the idea of eternal life/resurrection. She holds the key to resurrection/enlightenment. Aset is the wife and sister of every soul of every aspirant. When the soul is dragged and cut into many pieces, she come to the aid of the aspirant. It is why so many men and women in the penitentiary is able to be resurrected to a new life. The time they spent in research not only in books but internally is the wisdom of Aset that is searching for the pieces of Asar.

Aset and the Reasoning faculty

Aset, searched for the body of Asar, with the help of Nebthet and Anpu. It is the aspirant, who has reached a level of maturity using their reasoning faculty in search for enlightenment. The search at this point is not neassary through the libraries although they are not discounted. They are a part of your search but you have a library that is stacked with your history and all the references and catalogs (Impressions in the mind). Anpu who represents reason is the one that helps Aset discover the body of Asar. He was hidden until Aset find him and trained him. Being hidden is the internal introspection of the self, it is the wisdom of the soul or the Self that is in search of itself through the darkness (ignorance) that it find itself in.