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Level 1, Lesson 6, Great Truths of Shetaut Neter, 1:01:12

Important Themes

Demonstration of the Shedy Devotional Worship
Food Offering
Offering Hekau related to the Htp Slab-table. Rolled up Mat, Loaf of Bread, Hunch of Beef, Geese. Geese femaleness and Beef symbolize Maleness. Water mixes in center symbolizing Unity from Duality, Giving up opposites. separation between you and spirit. This makes the offering sanctified.

Great Truths of Shetaut Neter Chant-Hekau

Shetaut Neter- Hidden way of the divine self – how to know the divine self.

Rekh Ab Em MaaKheru. Rekh= To Know. This relates to the knowledge of truth, the permanent reality.

Different interests of potential students. When it comes time to work and transform oneself, that’s when the immaturity within the person emerges and must be worked on seriously.

Temple Building. 3 levels. 1st room symbolizes aspiration and receive initial teaching, develops devotional feeling ( chanting, music, dancing, singing, prayers.), 2nd section is where high philosophy and higher spiritual practice occurs, for initiates. 3rd section for those who have unified with the light.

Why seek the teachings..Maturity. Actions and implementation of the teachings involve the question of how do you pick yourself up, how do you implement the disciplines? This is what the teachings convey and the aspirant uses to overcome their worldly shortcomings in order to elevate.

Everyone wants happiness, and they are searching in the world. “Seeking happiness in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.”

The troubles of the world are to teach us impermanence. The Harpers Song speaks of this impermanent nature of trying to hold onto things of this world. …Going to Mars can’t save people from impermanence because even the whole universe will dissolve!

Persistence, tenacious, diligent in practice of disciplines, give the clarity of mind and body to understand the teachings.
What should we pursue in light of impermanence. Nefer=Happiness is good. Where do we find happiness? In people, places, things, and sensual experiences? The world teaches that happiness can be bought or something that can be done, that the world and body are reality. How could the impermanent be true? What about “me” is permanent? Tree Simile by Sebai Maa. Tree ->Chair -> Dust. What here is real?

Kemetic philosophy, Paut, Primeval stuff. Way before modern physics. Things seem to be different forms because of different vibrations of Primeval stuff. Within this “stuff” is Spirit, and Spirit is the constant and transcendental. The Striving Stage represents practicing seriously the disciplines to discover and abide with that true essence within impermanence.
The four teachings- The Great truths. Encapsulate the teachings in kemetic spirituality.

first great truth.

The one divinity manifests as Gods and Goddesses ( cosmic forces, powers)
This is important because we must recognize the oneness behind all. The appearances experienced through the senses are illusion.

Second Great Truth.

Explains how the knowledge of the first great truth is lost through Fetters and Vices. When you live through the fetters you live through a vision of your body that prevents the all-encompassing truth. This represents darkness of ignorance that leads to situations of pain and sorrow. ignorance opens the door to countless forms of suffering and things can always get even worse, this is the path of ignorance and fetters.

third great truth

Leads one to overcome the struggle of ignorance and the fetters. Devotion to the world and unrighteousness opens up pain, Uashu means turning your life to the divine. Involves seeking to Know the Divine. That breaks the cycle of ignorance and fetters.

Fourth Great Truth

if you have devotion to the divine, you live in accordance wih righteous action. Represents practicing Shedy in order to break through to the next realm of temple and being. Three realms of exisence; Physical (Ta), Astral (Duat), Causal (Pet.) The causal realm holds the seed for existence to come forth. The Fourth plane (Anrutef) represents the transcendental absolute. If you have the experience long enough the complete delusion of time and space is transcendent and broken.

The goal of the teachings are conveyed through the myths, scriptures, philosophy, etc. Three stages of religion.
Myth gives you insight into the culture, origins, and a “special language” which gives you insight into the purpose of life. Most important is the myth of Asar and creation story of Ra and the lineage of the teachings from Khepri -> Tehuti (Codified) -> Asar ( Created the religion and spiritual culture of Shetaut Neter).

An emphasis is made on the importance of True religion incuding the mystical level. If it does not have mystical experience it causes discord.

You can not stand still, you have to move forward. This is what Shetaut Neter is about.

What Impressed You The Most?

I am very inspired and impressed by the deeper teachings of the Great Truths! As well as the teachings of impermanence and the pursuit of happiness in the world.