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Level 1 Lesson 6, Coursepack, 59-68

The world did not come from nothing nor is it sustained by nothing. Rather it is a manifestation of that which is beyond time and space which at the same time permeates and maintains the fundamental elements.

Where did Neterianism derive from. Shetaut Neter, the hidden divinity,

Those who follow the path may be referred to as Neterians

Write out the four great truths

Pa Neter Ua Ua Neberdjer M Neteru ( The Neter the supreme being is One and alone and as Neberdjer, manifests everywhere and in all things in the form of gods and goddesses.)

An-Maat Swy Saui Set S-Khemn ( Unrighteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the divine.)

S-Uashu S-Nafu N Saiu Set (devotion to the divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set)
Ari Shedy Rekh Ab M MaaKheru ( Practicing the Shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the divine, and this is called being true of speech.)

What are the afflictions of Set. when human beings act in ways that contradict the order of nature, negative qualities of the mind will develop within that person’s personality. These are the afflictions of Set. Set is the neteru of Egoism and Selfishness. The afflictions include: anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, gluttony, dishonesty, hypocrisy, etc.
What is the meaning of the term Nafu. “Freedom” and “ To Breath.”

List the four disciplines of Shedy

Rekh Shedy – Wisdom
Ari Shedy – Righteous Action
Uashu (Ushet) Shedy – Devotion
Uaa Shedy – Meditation

How should an aspirant think about their prospects to achieve the Great Awakening?

What teachings of the Neterian creed do you believe, working to believe, find hard to believe
Believe all. Working to understand more clearly the processes of the after-life in relation to the teachings.