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1. Summarize the plot of the Asarian Resurrection Myth

Asar was the king of Egypt and Set was determined to usurp the throne of Egypt by any means. In collaboration with his cohorts, set tricked his brother Asar to lie inside a pre-prepared coffin. As soon as Asar got info about the coffin, set and his cohort nailed the coffin tight and threw him into the Nile River. Aset who was the queen of Egypt went out, in conjunction with her sister Nebehet in search of the body of Asar. Aset was able to find body of Asar along the river bank of Syria. The body of Asar had grown into a large tree producing a fragrant smell. The king of Syria loved the smell and thus cut the tree and used it as one of the pillars of his palace. As Aset was going all over the world in desperate search of her brother, she went to the palace of the syrian king and discovered that Asar was inside one of the pillars of the palace. In kindness, the king of syria surrendered the pillar to Aset. She opened the pillar and found the body of Asar. Aset prayed over Asar’s body and brought him back to life. Asar and Aset then had a child Whose name was Heru. When Set discovered that Heru was born he became overwhelmed with anger. Knowing that he had someone to challenge his usurped throne, Set began to think how to kill Heru. Thus, Aset took Heru and ran away to a safe place. Aset brought up Heru and fed him words of wisdom. She also fed him with vegetables and fruits so as to be strong. Heru grew up to challenge Set in a battle with the help of his mother. Set and the god and goddess Djehuti and Hetheru, respectively, Heru came to the realization that Set was not really an enemy but an uncle. Suffering from diseases of anger, hatred, and greed. Set eventually surrounded the throne to Heru following obliteration to the gods and goddesses and the decisive statement from Asar who was Seker, the god of the world of the dead/afterlife.

2.What are the main take aways from the Asarian Resurrection Myth, the important teachings to remember.

The main take aways from the Asarian Ressurection Myth are: our personality is a composition of subtle elements, our true self (soul) and the ego self. Our “True Self” and our “Ego Self” are respectively personified as Asar and Set. Our worldy desire, jelousy, anger, frustration, and greed has collectively relegated our true self to the background implication of the fragmentation and the dismemberment of the soul. To re-assemble the fragmented Soul (Asar) in our consciousness, and to place our souls back in the fore front of our lives, certain spiritual elements and actions, such as intuitive widsom, love of the true self, devotion, and relentless search for fragmented soul have to come into play. In a mythical sense, the totality of all these elements and actions constitute Aset. Asar having to be brought back to life by Aset, a union with Asar which would give birth feelings of aspiration is mythologically referred to as Heru. In other words, Heru is a product of a union between spirit (Asar) and life given power (Aset). The question then is “what are you aspiring for?” You are aspiring to get rid of anger frustration, greed, and jealousy in your life. The dissolution of all these negative forces in ones life will bring about spiritual resurrection and it must be achieved in one’s life time. The important teaching to remember is that the fight against Ego is not going to be ruthless, but you don’t need to kill set, you need to build a union with him.

3. Based on the video lecture readings, and current understanding at this time, A. What have you discovered so far about what is the importance about the role of Aset in that epic teaching of Asarian Resurrection? B. What do you make of her character, her personality?

Apparently Aset is a central figure in Asarian Resurrection Myth. Other chatacyers in the myth would not have existed in our awarness without Aset. It was Aset who started lamenting to the world that the source of happiness, peace, love, and stability in Kemet had been destroyed by ego (Set). It was Aset who went out in relentless search for the body of Asar. It was Aset who out love for Asar that went all over the world in search of the dismembered body of Asar. She was able to re assemble the body of Asar and made whole again. She went further to employ her power creation and the life of Asar back. Having done so, she reunited with Asar. The product of the union was Heru. Heru was the spiritual resurrection of Asar. Wisdom, love, devotion and prercevirance are what on eneeds in search of one’s soul. When ones true self is discovered, then a union will take place. The product of the union will lead to the birth aspirations (Heru). The battle against set will begin and eventually Heru will be victorious. What I made of the Aset character and personality is that she is a goddess of humble and devoted personality. Characteristically she uses everything in her possession to achieve a righteous goal. She is a love energy. Her relentless energy helped her to search for and reassemble Asar. Aset is an embodiment of wisdom and her wisdom led her to unite with Asar and bring into existence the power of spiritual aspiration (Heru).

4. Look at at least one other of the posting from another student (in this lesson) and the feedback given and note the most remarkable teaching (main take away you learned from it).

I went through postings by Aspirant Andrew Garr on Asarian Resurrection Myth. He pointedout that following the resolve of the fight between Set and Heru, Set had to go back to take his righful place on Ra’s barbeque and control the forces of chaos as Ra traverses creation. What interest me the most was Seba Dja’s response in relation to ego. She pointed out that an aspirant has to work on purifying his or her ego if one is to find himself on the path of enlightenment. The higher self can only be served by purified ego. Her response made me be aware that I’m a projection of Ra sent to the world of time and space to serve the will of Ra. Mythologically I’m Hetheru, who had forgotten her time essence, but the teaching has enabled me to come to the realization that I need to work on my ego purification if I’m to perform the will of the higher self (Ra) in the the world of time and space.

-Aspirant Manetho