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Bastu Baket

Temple of Aset
Lesson 2
Video and Webinar, Audio & Reading Assignments

1. A. Summarize the plot of the Aset and Ra myth: In this very mystical myth we learn that Aset came to earth as a human so she could relate to them, she was known as Lady Aset. She was adept in learning and mastering the worldly sciences or lower mysteries such as architecture, government, medicine, astronomy, maritime etc. but these did not fulfill her and she became disillusioned with them and repudiated the world. But with her wisdom she knew there was more. She reflected on the illusoriness of the world then turned to the Gods and Goddesses and the Akhu Shepsu (beings of light, shining spirits, revered sages) to be as them. She became well versed in Words of Power. This too also did not completely satisfy her. She reflected on “Can I become like Ra in a not bad way?” Meaning in a way that does not harm others, not going to extremes. So she went to her grandfather Ra and asked him to tell her his name. He shrugged her inquiries off and gave her simple explanations that he was the Creator, who brought forth creation, the gods and goddesses, the planets, stars, mountains, air, water, elements of nature, animals, fish etc. and there was nothing more to learn about him. Aset did not accept this and devised a plan to learn his true name. She knew the routes Ra traveled every day and as he was getting old his spittle fell to the ground. Gathering the spittle (which is spirit of Ra) and mixing it with the dirt (matter,earth or Ta) she created a sacred serpent (Taffy Shepsy) and placed it along the path Ra traveled. When Ra is bitten he cries out to the Neteru but none are able to remove the pain and suffering. Aset comes to Ra and asks what has happened to him knowing well that her plan is working. Being relentless she again asks him to tell her his name and he again gives her his superficial attributes. She tells him she can help only if he reveals his true name. He finally relents but cannot reveal it to her until they are in private beyond time and space reality. She then joins Ra using her one pointed concentration to know his essence as her own essence. Then using her words of power (hekau) she allows the poison to die from Ra’s body so that he may live and so a certain other person may live as well (meaning Heru, spiritual aspiration within all of us)
1. B. What are the important insights you have gained so far from Aset’s saga and her relationship with Ra?: For me the important insights are how Aset became disillusioned with the world and how we must also turn away from worldly pursuits and desires and turn toward the Neteru to learn their certain aspects and emulate them so we may be purified and relentless in our pursuit of the ultimate goal of knowing Ra, our true essence. We do this through practicing the Shedy disciplines, having good association, piercing the veil of ignorance, creating our own Taffy Shepsy through the Serpent power and one pointed concentration and meditation.
2. After Listening to the Audio lecture answer the question, What are the main takeaways from the Aset and Ra myth, the important teaching to remember from the Audio lecture?: We must remember that Aset came as a human being, just like us and we must follow her example by being dispassionate of the world and relentless in our pursuit of knowing our true essence as one with Ra just as she did, but still be able to exist within our time and space existence for practical reality but with the knowledge of it’s illusoriness.
3. Look at least one other posting and feedback note most remarkable teaching you learned from it: In reading Uab Ra Tem’s posting I appreciated his observation of how Aset uses her mind in concentration to penetrate the heart of Ra with her listening, concentration and meditation refusing to allow the illusion of the world to mesmerize her. Dua Uab Ra Tem!