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“To teach one must know the student; to know the student one must know the student’s symbolism.”





A comprehensive post. Dua – There is one important clarification for all to understand. About your statement #4:

  1. 4.”Within the system you can pick which form of meditation works best for you. No one is better then another. You dont want to pick one and shift to others, because the important thing is to establish the practice and go deep into it. When engaged in a group study or practice of a specific meditation system, you still want to maintain your personal practice without switching around. You dont have to shift. Do not feel any contradiction here.”


It is important to understand that though meditation systems are not to be seen as a competition or as spur of the moment adoption, it is also not exactly true that one is not better than another. In the context of spiritual aspiration a particular meditation technique may suit one aspirant over another. Recall the talk on the Kemet University (see below) where I explained that there are different types of students who learn in different ways because of the different composition of their aryu. Some people prefer reading, others listening, others action and others quiet reflection. There are varied combinations of these therefore different meditation systems have been evolved to account for this.



Now, it is also true that one should not change systems constantly for that would be like digging many shallow wells and never finding water. However, in the beginning when an aspirant is searching for the system that most appeals then that one should be maintained long-term. Also, this does not conflict with the general temple meditation practice so one is done in group setting and the other in the private personal practice or in a temple group or time where that particular practice is enjoined.


“When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then come the lips to fill them with wisdom.”