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“An infant’s Soul is altogether a thing of beauty to see, not yet befouled by body’s passions, still all but hanging from the Cosmic Soul! But when the body grows in bulk and draweth down the Soul into it’s mass, then doth the Soul cut off itself and bring upon itself forgetfulness, and no more shareth in the Beautiful and Good (God); and this forgetfulness becometh vice.”





As you have stated, the path to avoid forgetfulness is the opposite of the path of delusion which is fed by the ritual patterns of worldly living. Therefore, there is a need to cleanse the personality and engage in maatian actions that entail rituals of remembrance and in this context re-membering is putting the members of the body of Asar back together and in so doing the true image of what life is supposed to be comes into focus. With that focus the task of staying on track is easier and the more the path is followed the more enticing it becomes and the more distasteful the worldliness is recognized to be. Hence, the very experiences that today delude become the once that spur remembrance and an irreversible process begins, of exponential creation of enlightening aryu that lead to the desired goal of life-Nehast.