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Seba Dja

Udja Shems Arit,

Dua for this very reflective and insightful and expressive response to this assignment. This is why S. Maa I believe appreciates this current method of teaching – via distance learning.

Between your nefer reflective meditative song that is allowing you to flow on in your life, not only stopping at the focus of the flow of physical money, but the essence of the main issue of life itself…resolving the obstructive ego-based ariu to evolve towards Nehast.

Between your song and Sebai Maa’s nefer poem in response…

…a very Nefer post and post response by S. Maa, with your own dedicated poem from him:

Therefore continue reflecting on these issue and everyday remember this wisdom through every step, song and struggle…
That you may always know there is life beyond the muddle..
When times are easy remember your song,
In time things get better for all changes before long.
Tell the person who sits in your chair,
Yes be present and aware,
Of the failings and follies of life as a human,
For that the teaching will help to illumine,
The part that my heart plays,
The path that philosophy lays,
Out of the wilderness and fire and drowning waters of perdition roads.
Gods and goddesses all help bear my loads.
Neteru nebu gods and goddesses all,
Helping out a sister, to discover the reason for her fall.
As Sekhemit rose with the teaching of Djehuty,
Well, now comes Ar t Neter-s mery maa ty!

HTP…and ny, keep working it…even if it is fighting it at times…just keep on…just like a fish that jumps and finds itself out of water will keep jumping and floundering until it makes its way back into the water, so too..all the movements of an authentic aspirants may not look “pretty”…may look floundering at times…but eventually those actions will lead that fish back to the water….so too you will find yourself immersed in the Nun~ Nuk Nunu, and leaving a trail of inspiring spiritual music for aspirants to come.

Htp & Mer,
S. Dja