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Seba Dja

Udja Shems Baket,

I see you are Tjef Sema Paut Neteru-ing now… : ).

Your explanation showed good understanding of the meanings of the postures.

Keep in mind we have different levels of practicing the postures…level 1, 2, 3. But there are also intermediary levels to these in one’s own personal practice as an evolution in the postures, and also depending on the needs of the body, mind or spirit and dictates of the outer circumstances, surroundings, venue, if one is teaching, etc, they are interchangeable and adaptable.Sometimes one may want to focus more on the physical…and sometimes one just wants to be meditative. And at other times, somewhere in between. This system is dynamic…as it is a process of cultivation of the cosmic principles needed for Nehast.

For example: You mentioned the Embrace posture. There is the physical aspect of just going into the posture, then also one can develop association with the deity of that posture, Goddess Aset, then one can also repeat a hekau when in the posture related to the goddess, Dua Aset, or for the embrace posture, I like to do the last part of the Invocatory prayer to Aset: “I have come to be a protector unto thee….”, then one can reflect on the mythic-devotional aspect of the posture, being embraced by the goddess, feeling loved, healed and protected, then also one can engage in a mythic reflective philosophy when engaged in the posture, being embraced by one’s own Intuitional Capacity, then also one can focus on emulating the divinities to become like them (acquire the cosmic principles they represent), then one can also practice the Nuk affirmation & identification practice, Nuk Aset, feeling that one IS Goddess Aset, the embracer, and then there is the meditative aspect where one allows thoughts to subside and abide as Aset.

May you discover the love of Aset, as well as Nuk Aset!

S. Dja