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Level 1 Lesson 12a/b

There were several key portions of this audio lesson that helped me tremendously. I’m going to point out to thought that were extremely helpful for me.

Ask Qualitative Questions. In the beginning of my lesson 1 studies every question that popped into my head I asked without to much investigation and due diligence. I began to notice that Seba Maa and Seba Dja would not only answer my questions but would would provide references and show me how to find the answer. In many cases finding the answer has been more informative than the answer. I now (in most cases) try to ask questions only after I have done some research and due diligence on the subject matter

Have faith in your own ability to accept the truth. AEP this lesson reiterated the statement that “I have what it takes” once we understand life’s true goal and that is to discover the divine self