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Bastu Akhu

Udja Sebai,

Dua for the further clarification on antet begag. As I move through the lessons, its becoming more and more apparent to me what the qualities of a true aspirant really are and also the intensity engendered in their efforts in spiritual practice (shedy), however like you mentioned this happens gradually, over time and as I understand, also as ariyu is reduced. As more insight into these practices are revealed in each lesson, I tend to think I also have to raise my capacity as well, but not because I am on a particular lesson intellectually means that I have the capacity to practice with the intensity recommended. I understand now that the checklist is not ‘absolute’ as I seem to have indicated in my response by saying it was the ‘ultimate’ indication of commitment to the Higher Self. Dua for eluding to this in your response by saying “There are many areas where success is demonstrated an following the self-checklist can be one of them.” I have also reflected on your reply post#2813 June, 14th, 2015 where you mentioned quality of practice is better than quantity and for us not to undermine the importance of informal shedy as well. You also mentioned the following “Shedy should not be a burden but it can be a struggle until the battle between the ego and higher self swings to the favor of the higher self, in the meantime do a little and stealthily buildup as the ego begins to enjoy and even help to its own subjugation.” I am now seeing that being relentless means continued self effort to one’s capacity but not to become complacent in doing so. Again Dua.