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4. Level 1, Lesson 11A, Response by Sebai Maa to Akua Nyarko, September 17, 2015.

“so she (the goddess) will be close to one and share her knowledge and feelings with the aspirant and thereby enlighten the aspirant. “ This statement touched me deeply on several levels. In my experience when one comes out of the world and realizes that the world (relationships, career, pleasures, etc.) is not the source of their happiness, there is a space to be filled. For me this realization changed me profoundly because it put into question everything that I had been taught by my family, culture, etc. That space can be filled with the love of the higher self, the divine’s purest expression. The idea that an ancient culture created a “path”, a disciplined path, of what to do to achieve and experience this has me in awe. Further, that Sebai Maa and Seba Dja have invested the time and effort to bring this to humanity amazes me. Further, that I am able to take part in this experience humbles me. I am also aware of my advancement and evolution to actually be able to understand and practice even at the beginners level.

In your response regarding self-esteem upon reflection I see where that would be a deterrent to achieving enlightenment. Although the discipline is detailed and one must put forth the effort to bring one’s practice into alignment with the teachings, an aspirant must be able to apply the teaching to actually benefit from them. This requires initiative, the ability to reason even when under emotional duress, will to manage oneself and to arrive at a resolution, while managing the particular situations that life brings in the moment. To succeed at this an aspirant must know a level of their true worth and be able to make decisions in alignment with Maat in the moment, many times without hesitation.