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RenAb-unconscious mindAb


Dua for your heartfelt reflections.

Indeed, a name is a powerful determiner of life intent meaning it reflects a person or a thing’s intended course in life. This is why many people prefer to change their name and shed the meanings and associations of the past with the given name so as to make a life change. Yet, the name is only a reflection; a reflection of the thoughts and feelings of the parents and of the aryu of the newborn. AS a reflection of the past aryu it is set but not permanent and can thus be transformed. So changing a name is a step towards that change but not the whole step since, again, the name is only a reflection. What it reflects is the mountains of aryu and that is what really needs to be changed. So the name is a tool that show the intent to make that change. Thus, whether the name (ren) is changed or not, what it reflects must be changed in the unconscious mind (Ab). Then the transformation ensues that all aspirants are aspiring to. The science of transforming the aryu is called “Shedy”. There will be a special discourse on the parts of the personality at this years conference. Here is a preview-below.

Also, yes, she is back and all can go in early morning hours, look in the eastern horizon and see our lady of resurrections!


Parts of personality -Beta