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Level 1 Lesson 5, Intro to SN by Dja – Conference 2008 Part 2, 16:12

Main Themes

1. Continuation from Part 1. Left off with a discussion on the Integral Practice of Yoga. Tjef Neteru is an exercise and an aspect of the meditation system and encompasses the 4-integral Smai Tawi disciplines as well; Devotion ( Emotion), Wisdom ( reasoning), Righteous Action ( Action), Meditation ( Will.)

2. Shedy enjoins the Three-fold daily worship (Ra Neb) related to the difference aspects of Ra.

3. Meditation (Uaa) : Several Different Systems

a.Arat Sekhem Uaa – Subtle Life-Force Energy Meditation

b.Ari Sma Maat Uaa – Meditation on Maat – Righteous Action

c.Nuk-Pu Ushet Uaa – Meditation on the I Am – Identification with the Divine

d.Nuk Ra Akhu – Meditation on the Glorious Light – Matnu of Heteru and Djehuty

e.Rekh Amun Uaa – Meditation on the Wisom Teaching

f.Khet Ankh Uaa – Meditation on the Tree of Life

4. Within the system you can pick which form of meditation works best for you. No one is better then another. You dont want to pick one and shift to others, because the important thing is to establish the practice and go deep into it. When engaged in a group study or practice of a specific meditation system, you still want to maintain your personal practice without switching around. You dont have to shift. Do not feel any contradiction here.

5. Glorious Light Meditation System – Tomb of Seti Uaa. Its very extensive and is not invented by the Sema Institute. It is an ancient system of meditation.

6. Tjef Neteru : Various postures representing phases of the Psychomythology of creation, including : Before creation, creation, earth, etc leading to the higher self. The icing on the cake is the higher spiritual aspects behind the Tjef Neteru system, and you dont need to focus as much on the physical as the spiritual aspects while practicing the postures.

7. An overview of the Shedy Disciplines. Shows that the disciplines were generally practiced universally and in all the temple systems, with some unique variations, but with the same deeper meaning, purpose, and teaching. Sebai Maa has a text detailing each discipline.

8. The legacy of the ancestors is glorious but must be practiced and not just revered. example; look at the state of affairs in India due to the reverence to the ancestors and sages but the lack of serious practice.

9. Keys to success in Spiritual Practice

a.Patience, perseverance, continued self-effort

b.Khnumnt Nefer: Good Association. Key ingredient. Gathering with others to focus on the higher aspects of spirituality provides a teaching on the subtle level, we gain by everyones presence and are enriched by it.

c.Shemsu Udja Shedy: Burning desire and aspiration to attain Nehast! This is what it takes to overcome the fetters and become successful. Spirituality can be enjoyed superficially, but when its practiced seriously we have to face ourself. This is where the serious burning desire must be present, a burning practice of the disciplines, to overcome the fetters, obstructions, and subtle misunderstandings and wrong-thinking.

10. Signs of Success

a.“What about if you get angry at someone in between Shedy practice. Does it mean you didn’t gain anything? “The way you judge your spiritual growth is if the vices are getting less and less.” Do not get caught up in being upset, dont get upset that you got upset, that is egoism and taking a step back. Be aware of it with detached and dispassion. “Its all good” as long as you put forth the effort to practice. “

b.Tenem: Turning away, losing the way. Cutting off that which you followed. Contraction, negativity, etc. May drop out of spiritual group, stop practicing, etc.

11. The final objective: Nehast

a.Ever-increasing devotion to the divine and continual decrease in worldly egoistic ideals and desires.

b.The ability to honestly say with knowledge and experience “ Nuk Pu Nuk Asar Neter”

12. Books and spirituality: Books cannot enlighten you. Example, a doctor who studied texts only versus a hand-trained doctor. “If the books were enough we would only need libraries and not universities.” A teacher is necessary.

What Impressed Me

I was most impressed by the total system with an emphasis on really being inspired by Ra Neb practice, Tjef Neteru, and the meditation systems which I am emphasizing GLM. Also the need for consistent Shemsu Udja Shedy. I am still working on embracing the serious benefit that Khnumnt Nefer has for a serious practitioner, it has been sticking out to me in all my readings and study this past week.