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Bastu Akhu

Udja Seba Dja,

Dua for this extensive response and for sharing your wisdom and insights Seba Dja. Dua Shems Heryt for bringing up this aspect of the Asarian Resurrection Myth in your very nefer post. I am a bit familiar with this scene but never knew the depth of the meaning until now, expressed by Seba Dja in her response. I am so grateful and humbled as it helped deepen the meaning of the philosophy and the mythical implications of the scene of Heru cutting of the head of his mother Aset. It clarified some of my experiences thus far as an aspirant facing the battle of egoism and aspiration within my own consciousness, as well as what to expect as I move forward, why and how to approach it in an integral way with humility, understanding and compassion not just for myself but for others as well. Many points stood out to me one of which came from the shedy of devotion embedded in the proverbs “strive to see with the inner eye the heart…” and “…lean toward a man on account of his rightness”, seeking to see the Divine in others by accepting the process of the battle, knowing that the battle is the experience of everyone that has not yet attain nehast whether they are on a spiritual path or not and accepting that transformation takes time and patience based on one’s ariu. This was also expressed in the statement “…detachment (turning the mind away from focusing on the ego…one’s own and others and attaching the mind instead to the Divine essence of everyone and everything – (intense practice of Sema Uashu,Devotional Shedy.” This seem to open the heart and allow for the intuitional, compassionate and understanding qualities of Goddess Aset to develop in an aspirant. Dua also for the nefer poem which again reiterate the understanding, compassionate and loving qualities of Goddess Aset. Dua Aset!