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Level 1 Lesson 5 Reading, Course Workbook, Pages 51-58

1.Many preachers use drama and exuberant Methods

2.When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should trust in the teacher who would never rub their noses in their fetters or turn them away.

3.How should a spiritual aspirant think and feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and teacher? An authentic teacher is and should be treated as a precious resource better then a billion dollars in the bank, should be considered as the divine on earth with the ability to enlighten you ( in that way they are even better than god in the form of the path of nature/hard knocks), You have come to that person because you recognize your ignorance and their elevation, approach with a spirit of service and humility and not insolence, learn how every moment is dedicated to the divine, love the teacher in a greater way then other forms of relationships, complete dedication to the spiritual life, reverence and service toward the preceptor, The aspirant who hopes to be an initiate needs to initiate the contact with the teacher and have initiative to make good use of the teaching. Develop a keen understanding about what it means to be an aspirant, become familiar with the practices and disciplines of Maat, Present yourself to the teacher with a clean body, mind, and soul to the best of your ability must attempt to never lose your temper in the presence of the teacher and never treat the preceptor unrighteously or with resentment. Receive what the teacher says and apply it in your life…Question for deeper understanding and not to challenge.

5.In Kamitan spirituality there is more focus on the divinity as opposed to the personality of the preceptor as concerns reverence in terms of an incarnate divinity

What interested me

I was inspired by this reading very much. I can understand the important role of a preceptor especially as it was related to being greater than god in the extent to enlighten the student more expedient and less painful than the path of nature, also to the importance of such a relationship where worldly relationships of all kinds cannot reach that level. I can say that I am genuinely inspired by the spiritual world and have reverence for it and a desire to enter into it. The readings up until this point along with the lectures have shown me that spiritual life is truly a different life, it is not an “addition” to a “normal” life.