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Level 1 – Lesson 5
Pages 51-58

Question 1
Many preachers use exciting methods to talk about their scriptures.

Question 2
When life humbles the spiritual aspirant it is even more important that they should do what?

When life humbles the aspirant it is important that they trust in the teacher who will never rub their noses in it or turn them away.

Question 3
How should a spiritual aspirant feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and their teacher?

Every aspirant must offer their ego, pride and ignorance on the divine alter of wisdom. They must pledge their service to the preceptor and sacrifice the egoistic notions and vanity in order to attain insight and wisdom. An aspirant must not feel shame or proud when submitting to their teacher. They can trust the teacher enough not to take advantage of them and lay down all of their pride, ego and ignorance in order to elevate spiritually.

Question 4
You must attempt to never lose your temper in the presence of your preceptor and never treat the preceptor unrighteously or with resentment. You must learn to receive whatever the teacher says and apply it in life.

Question 5
In Kemetian spirituality there us more focus on the divinity as opposed to the personality of the preceptor. As concerns reverence in the form of an incarnated divinity.

What interested me
I gained more insight toward the code of conduct when it comes to interacting with a spiritual preceptor.
I also grasped the fact that although some people may see certain words in the book like when it was said that an aspirant should even be ready to beg for forgiveness when they have done something wrong toward the preceptor. People would see that and immediately challenge it without realising what the deeper meaning is behind it. Submitting in a way such like that shows a real lack of pride and ego. You also must see that an enlightened personality/person would not be moved or shaken by praises or having someone submit to them.