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Level 1 – Lesson 5
Intro to SN by Dja – Conference 2008 part 2

Interesting themes

– Three fold daily worship – Ra Neb
– Temple of Aset is where the teachings of the wisdom was taught

– The meditation systems are mentioned –
Meditation of the subtle light force
Meditation of righteous action
Meditation of Glorious light
Meditation of the wisdom teachings
Meditation of the tree of life
Meditation of the I am
These meditation systems are to be chosen by us individually that resonates in us.

– Tomb of King Seti – Inscriptions are shown in the temple on the temple walls
– Meditative postures that all relate to a different divinity
– Maat philosophy
– Seba Dja speaks about the spirituality in India, she mentions that they have all that spirituality but they don’ practise it and you can see it by the state of turmoil in India currently

Keys to success in spiritual practise – Patience, perseverance and continues self effort & also Nut Nefer (Good association)
Keys to success – Shemsu udja shedy – Real & powerful, burning following and practise of the disciplines of the spiritual teachings.
You must have this burning desire to want to be enlightened. You will fall by the way side if you have no patience, perseverance and devotion toward the divine and toward wanting to elevate spiritually. It takes time. The way you can judged your spiritual growth is to pay attention to the vices. If you usually get upset 10 times a day and you’ve been getting upset only 5 times a day then you know you’ve gotten better even though you have not perfected yourself yet.
– Nehast: is the final objective. The final objective is to become one with the divine. To be able to say “Nuk Pu Nuk Asar Neter” (I am that I am, Asar the divinity)
– Books do not enlighten you, Seba Dja mentions an analogy: Would you rather get surgery done by a Doctor who has a PHD in surgery or a Doctor who learnt from books at a library. Books do not facilitate for the teachings you need to be taught by a teacher as well as have experience in the field to be able to become a surgeon. Regardless of whether you have the best books.