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Udja Anthony,

I thought that seen as I had done the same assignment just now I would reply to yours.

It is very interesting to see the me in all and the all in me. So many struggles and situations people go through are so identical in principle even if not categorically.

When you said you neglected the teachings for two years and the ups and downs intensified and desires became more flared. This is probably true to everyone at some point on or spiritual journey as it is the same for me but in a different. quoting again the me in all and the all in me, nothing is truly different. I find that my difficulty is remembering. I find that if I do not study the teachings and meditate on them every day that I forget who I am almost immediately and succumb once again to the world of time and space. I have found, though, that this has motivated me to constantly focus my mind toward the divine in order to stay steadfast/Djeddi in my spiritual system/religion to avoid ‘forgetting’ who I am due to whatever situation has presented itself to me.