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Level 1 – Lesson 4
Intro to SN by Dja – Conference 2008 part 1

Important themes listed?

Seba Dja speaks about people coming to her & telling her that although they have been to Kemet they have not had a spiritual experience. She goes on to then explain that you can go anywhere in the world but a sacred place needs to be made for ones self because once the self engages in too much worldly activity, it forgets itself & believes it is human, mortal.. so on.
“Men and Women are mortal Gods & Goddesses”

The menu being served on the weekend is Setjert – Blood, Beer & Mandrake.
Blood: Intoxication with worldly desire (Ego – I am the body, flesh & blood)
Beer: Intoxication with worldly pleasures (Engaging in worldly actions in the world of time & space with the idea that it will bring you happiness, it symbolises ignorance)
Mandrake: Intoxication with the Bau (Soul) of Ra with fullness infinity & peace that comes through self knowledge. (Symbolises Ra’s light ‘God stuff’)
In this description it is symbolising that while you are blood and you act with beer you also need mandrake to be able to keep yourself from succumbing to worldly ties. You need that ‘God stuff’ within you to be able to stay steadfast in your knowledge of self if you engage in worldly things without having time to commute with the divine though mediation, study of the teaching, physical yoga and so on, you will lose the knowledge of self and believe yourself to be mortal.

The story of Hetheru coming into the world to destroy evil is mentioned but upon her coming into the world she forgets herself, even to the point where her brother comes to get her & she I her mortal form tries to eat him because she has completely forgotten who she is & what she came into being to do.
With the Setjert potion Lord Djehuti was able to heal Hetheru to bring her back to her rightful place as a Goddesses.

Introduction to Shetaut Neter

Shetaut means hidden & Neter means divinity. Shetaut Neter was the religion or spiritual system practised in ancient Egypt. There is proof in Medu Neter that this is what our ancestors called their religion.
Shetaut Neter – “The teachings about the hidden divinity.”

Lower mysteries – Intellectual knowledge
Higher mysteries – Intuitional knowledge

African religion has 3 stages
– Myth – Matnu – Legend, story, myth, proverbs
– Ritual – Aru – Ritual, practise
– Mysticism – Shetaut Ntr

Sphinx – Herumaaket – Heruakty – Ra Heruakty

“Africa will never truly be free until its leaders pray to African Gods & Goddesses without apology.”

Western religion and Traditional African religion have 2/3 requirements for a – In my opinion – successful religion. They both have Myth & Ritual but lack mysticism. Ancient Egyptian religion is an authentic religion where as every religion on the earth today has taken or misconstrued aspects of its teachings or rituals from Shetaut Neter.

Neterians are the followers of the divine. The Shemsu Neter.
Shemsu means follower.

Who was the founder of Neterianism?
Lord Kephri Creator

Our Divine Lineage?
Kephri -> Djehuti -> Aset, Heter, Asar -> Heru -> You, Me

Great Truths of the Shetaut Neter religion
(Maa Ur n Shetaut Neter)

The Neter, the supreme being is one and alone as the neberdjer, manifesting everywhere and in all thins in the form of Gods and Goddesses
(Pa Neter, ua ua, Nebedjer m Neteru)

Lack of righteousness brings fetters to the personality and these fetters cause ignorance of the divine.
(An Maat Swy Saui Set S-Khemn)

Devotion to the divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set
S-Uashu S-Nafu n saiu Set

The practise of the shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself and the divine. This is called being true of speech.
Arit shedy rekh ab m Maakheru

The pursuit of happiness
“Searching for ones self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.”
Shetaut Neter teaches you the purpose of life and how to attain that goal. Through teachings, rituals and disciplines. These teachings lead us to the great awakening which is called Nehast.

The human personality has 4 aspects – Integral yoga/Disciplines
– Will – Meditation
– Action – Righteous virtue
– Intellect/Reason – Wisdom
– Emotional capacity – Meditation
Each discipline has been made to purify these aspects. This has been done to create a 360 practise program that intergrade your whole personality and your daily life.

What interested me?

I find that the most interesting part of the lecture was the reference to the blood, beer and mandrake potion.
The symbolism behind this explanation has helped me understand why it is so easy to forget yourself. I puts me at ease in terms of forgetting who we are has happened to all of us & all we need to do is reacquaint ourselves with our divine spirit by taking part in our daily discipline’s, teachings, meditations and rituals. This will enable us to remember our divine self and act accordingly to the knowledge we now hold. In knowing our self we become more adherent to the unknown and less bothered about the time and space object like who’s car is the best, who girlfriend is the prettiest and all these other things people find so interesting.

I know I am currently a body. (Blood)
I must take part in certain time and space activities such as going to work or I will have no food or shelter (Beer)… But
I am a child of the divine, the divine is where ever he/she is and I am an emanation of her/him in this big illusive dream world called time and space. (Mandrake)