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Arit Neter S

Udja. This is in response to Uab Ra Tem post on Asarian Resurrection. I realize that I am answering question No.4 first, but I am preparing to do my assignment and was just catching up. I am moved to respond. As usual, this is a personal reflection. One that is already leading to transformation of my consciousness. Dua for pointing out Aset’s power of Resurrection. Up until know, I was only aware of her Wisdom, Compassion, Magic, Healing Powers.

Resurrection is the meaning of my birth name Staci, as well as my cultural name, Tchiya, from the Hebrew Tradition but with a Tsalagi (Cherokee) accent: “CH” instead of hard “K” sound. I had been advised by a wise elder in 2006 that perhaps the reason these calamities were continuously following me was because of my name. Perhaps I have risen enough. That perhaps I should go by my middle name, Amet, (Alison) which means Truth. I have pondered with this for a decade, and was almost at the point of dropping the name Tchiya, because I am tired of falling and rising again and again. I was reluctant because I have also spent decades “building my brand”. However, after reading these posts, I see that Resurrection is the course of Eternal Life. And that if I am tired of focusing on all of the falling and rising that I have experienced , I can instead focus on how my work, my art, my voice, my music, my life, have helped, countless others experience their own form of awakening or reawakening, and continues to do so. Re-Membering who they truly are. I am most grateful for this insight, as I watch Sopdu Uben, Sirius Rising. Dua Sopdu, Uben Nefer. Dua Aset Muta Rekh Ab. HOTEP!

Aligning with Sirius Rising

Sirius and Orion

Rising with Sirius

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