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“hieroglyph of sunshine”


about your statement:
“An aspirant should be relentless in being consistent with their checklist as to not degrade their practice to where it `becomes ineffective in purifying the mind and heart. In addition, it is the spiritual practices which allows protection from worldly entanglements while simultaneously promoting movement towards spiritual enlightenment. If an aspirant is committed to Shetaut Neter, they are essentially committed to their Higher Self, so adhering to their checklist is the ultimate indication of this. ”

Certainly antet begag (relentlessness) is a necessary and important feature of successful spiritual aspiration. How is it to be achieved? gradually. The spiritual practice IS THE refuge from the predicaments and insanities of life – no doubt. SO the path is not mathematical but rather cyclical and helical, meaning you have ample opportunities so no need to fret if one is lost so keep striving to eventual success. Heliacal relates to the sun and when the solar aspiration force (Heru) rises, then there is eventual victory. There are many areas where success is demonstrated and following the self-checklist can be one of them.