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ANIMATED agancientegypt9

A post with two important issues for every aspirant to consider.

First, about your statement: “A spiritual perception cannot force us through the door though, we must take the steps to practise the teachings and in turn purify our hearts and elevate our consciousness. We must have the motivation to want to become enlightened.”
As feedback for this I will provide one proverb from the Egyptian Proverbs book:

“One cannot force another to grow beyond their capacity.”

Certainly an aspirant needs to have “gumption”, but not arrogance or conceit; the aspirant who wants to be considered and initiate must have initiative to pursue a path in life that leads to that goal. No one can do it for them. True aspiration comes from a burning desire from within and not from outside influences or fanciful notions or romantic ideas of what the initiatic path is all about.

About your statement: “The spiritual preceptor provides spiritual food or brain food if that explains if better. By this I mean that they feed us knowledge and wisdom to assist us towards spiritual evolution. Like Nut, they provide is with subtle food once we’re ready to receive it to lead us to greater knowledge and comprehension.”

Here another proverb is instructive:

“If you seek GOD, you seek for the Beautiful. One is the Path that leads unto GOD – Devotion joined with Wisdom.”

This proverb relates the factor that the teaching is not only knowledge or information; it is wisdom that occurs when the teaching is properly understood but then practiced, experienced and felt. So there is a devotional aspect and therefore alkso a feeling aspect. So the teacher strives to provide more than information since if that were all that was needed there would be millions of enlightened people everywhere because all we need to do is print books! And we do not see that result; therefore something more is needed and that is why singing, ritual, dedication to the divine in the form of the tutelary, respect and honor if the teacher and desire for the teachings, rituals, pilgrimages as well as a devotion to the teaching in daily life are all necessary for ultimate success.