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“Thinking, understanding, reasoning, willing, call not these Soul! They are its actions, but they are not its essence.”

Well done posting.
A few corrections and a couple of comments
For consistency and uniformity: The proper spellings are “sedjert” and “Djehuty”
For disclosure and clarity: The term Shetaut Neter is a historic term; Sebai MAA has simply translated that into English and since a term expressing “Egyptian Mysteries” as a religious system did not exist, he coined the term “Neterianism”. So the ancient term was in existence already and only a modern term was devised to express its meaning for our time.
About your statement: “I neglected the teachings for 2 years the intensity of ups and downs and the strength of desires flared up because I knew a peace and happiness that Could not be experience in anything in the world, so that same fire was turned to recklessness and disatisfaction.”

Indeed, one of the features of the teaching is a palliative that keeps the personality “on the wagon” as it were. However, when there is not higher attainment and real progress, when the practice is removed then the suppressed ego has its way. Therefore, an aspirant needs to be aware that just because the surface of the personality (Ka) appears under control and to be feeling ethical conscience and adherence to Maatian ideals, that does not necessarily mean that Set has been defeated. Many aspirants delude themselves and assess their attainment as being higher than it really is and so one day are rudely awakened to the reality and sometimes give into it and leave the teaching and go headlong into worldliness. The Ab (unconscious mind) also needs purification and that is the process of shedy requiring time depending on the particular condition/level of spiritual evolution of the individual. So the preferred manner is gradual progress and steadiness as you have stated but also contact with the wise personalities in such a manner that they can evaluate and confirm the aspirant is understanding and practicing correctly so as to arrive at the correct result.

Simply acknowledge the corrections as a reply to this posting and then move forward.