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A question regarding the Glorious Light Meditation System. Are we to visualize the light moving up to the forehead ( sixth Sefech Ba Ra) and back down, and culminate with it going up on top of the crown (seventh Sefech Ba Ra) for periods; or do we visualize it moving from 1-7 and back down throughout the meditation? I was unclear about this in the book and CD. From what I understand they serve different purposes, how should I understand this?

In my practice it feels more obstructive to go to sixth and back down, whereas when I go to the seventh it feels more expansive. But that could have to do with a concept thats being held onto or a part of the visualization being misunderstood. When I go from 1-6 a few times and then culminate at 7, that also feels more obstructive then doing 1-7 with each chant.

A second question. In terms of the visualization my understanding is that the circle that we are within is all encompassing around our body and visualize the body and Sefech Ba Ra movement happening within that circle, is that correct?

Hope the question doesnt sound conveluted as my practice as been progressing with a lot of simple clarity and effectiveness as of yet.

Thank You, Htp