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Greetings Charles, Udja!

I also just completed pages 51-58. What really stood out to me is the seriousness of spiritual life, the serious determination and understanding that is needed to let go of egoistic attachments, elation and depression, pain and pleasure, and pursue a higher life and experience. In this way I was also inspired by the humility of an aspirant and the initiative needed to seek out and follow the teachings of an authentic preceptor. What also stood out to me was the love related to the student-teaching-preceptor and how it should be more elevated then any other form of worldly relationship. This is so profound because it really makes sense…people say they love people and these people are also the #1 people who they get angry with, get on their nerves, develop resentments toward, etc. I have felt this in relation to family and friend relations and it always felt like something was really wrong here, and now this really makes sense that unless a community is based on the attainment of Nehast and a serious cleansing of the ego, then that level of love is not possible because the egoism and lack of desire to purify the vices and fetters results in an imbalanced relation.