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Seba Dja


Dua for sharing your personal experiences relative to gender and religion and how impacted you were by the tantric understanding brought forth by the presentation.

Re Your statement: This is why I valued having an informed and authentic lecture on The practice of Tantra Yoga and how it draws a parallel of Male and Female sexual energy coming together to form Union with the Divine.

Seba Dja commentary: Your statement is the essence of the Htp offering prayer we utter, and as you recall with the HTP Slab, when water/libation is poured over the symbols of maleness and femaleness, it comes out the singular spout…duality merging/melting/uniting into Oneness.



Htp Di Nesu - HTP offering

And of course we also have the KMT Wisdom Teachings of Goddess Aset:

“Souls, Horus, son, are of the self-same nature,

since they came from the same place where the Creator modeled them;

nor male nor female are they. Sex is a thing of bodies not of Souls.”


S. Dja