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Seba Dja


Reply to post from October 15, 2015 #3790 by Lindsey Hunnicutt
Level 1, Lesson 8 audio, What is necessary to succeed on the spiritual path, 224B

Re Your Statement: I sometimes find myself caught up in personal desires. In an intellectual way, I realize how futile it is to pursue worldly achievements. But there are still times when I find myself questioning my motivation for pursuing certain interests or goals.

Seba Dja’s commentary: I would suggest that you set a time to speak with Sebai Maa about these personal desires, to help you decide if and what and how they should or should not be pursued.

Activities should not be shied away from, but those that lead to dullness and a lot of agitation should be avoided.

As far as personal desires, if these can be pursued in a lucid manner, they can allow the ego a venue to sublimate itself from dullness and agitation to lucidity, since they are something the ego has an inclination for. They can be used to allow the ego to help the aspirant become ego-less.

And some personal desires tie into one’s practical reality as well. So, I would suggest to speak with Sebai Maa about these to determine if they can be useful to your spiritual evolution, or should be not pursued.

Also, if an activity is Maatian based, then it can become a spiritual practice by applying Shedy Maat and Shedy Uashu, seeing oneself as the divine performing the actions, and seeing the divine in others who one is serving with one’s actions.

S. Dja