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Seba Dja


Reply to post from October 15, 2015 #3790 by Lindsey Hunnicutt
Level 1, Lesson 8 audio, What is necessary to succeed on the spiritual path, 224B

Re: Your statement: Our informal spiritual practice should consist of applying the wisdom teachings to our everyday activities, practicing good association, and so on. Our formal practice should include the 3-fold daily worship practice including prayers, chants, meditation, e.t.c. We should be punctual in following a regular spiritual practice schedule.

Seba Dja’s commentary: Ny, your expression of what the formal practice should include is very thorough.

Usually we refer to it as not just formal practice, but “Formal Meditation” and “Informal Meditation” practice. The formal can include all that you listed.

Generally for the informal, we also include Maat as well as Uashu, along with Rekh, Wisdom, because one must of course practice Maat in daily life, including the higher discipline of seeing oneself as the Divine as one engages in action, and also one must practice Uashu, Devotion, in daily life, it’s higher aspect being striving the see the divine in others as you interact with them…in everything…as the essence of everything.

Kemetic Proverb:
“Strive to see with the inner eye, the heart.
It sees the reality not subject to emotional or personal error; it sees the essence.
Intuition then is the most important quality to develop.”

S Dja