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Bastu Akhu

Udja Sandra, Andrew and Lindsey,

Dua for all your insights. I would just like to add that as an aspirant, I notice that even with the goal in mind of applying the teachings, in the moment of ‘truth’ we sometimes forget the ‘how’ to part due to our emotions/feelings, which as Lindsey mentioned leads to a reactive response which end up agitating our minds further by us giving into the bruised ego and wallowing unnecessarily into additional negative emotions (egotistic self talk). As Andrew mentioned, such as the feeling of guilt from unmaatian actions. What I have found helps with realigning with Maat is a deep reflection on the root cause of the emotion itself. In essence, applying wisdom through intellectual reasoning. I process the emotion and why I’m feeling the way I am by first identifying it. I find in one such exercise that it was my attachment to the relationship that led me to the feeling of sadness when I realized that the relationship itself had ended as I knew it. Realizing this, gave me instant relief from the emotion and a deeper understanding of the meaning of ‘grief’ and how it applies to attachment which furthered my understanding of the importance of detachment and dispassion in dispelling illusion and ignorance. I also gained some awareness of being separate from my mind and senses. Again Dua!