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Seba Dja

I appreciated Sebai’s post in response to your post, and wanted to elaborate a bit on some of his comments relative to yours, which were also very good reflections on your part.

Re: October 8, 2015 #3663 post of KaMaat-Amentat

Sebai Maa’s response to your post:

“Indeed time and space is designed to -in an orderly way (Maat)- allow an aspect of divinity to become as if a mirror for itself though we cannot necessarily ascribe a reason, from our perspective the self-awareness is useful. Though, from the perspective of the absolute, there is no necessity; however, why not?”

One of the aspects of the teachings that is impressed on aspirant is the idea of causation. Sebai Maa subtlety points out that even this idea…though an important aspect of the teachings and practices of mystical spirituality…is ultimately an illusion…that is also transcended in the attainment of Nehast.
Kemetic Wisdom Teaching “Every cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is a name for Law unrecognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law.” Essentially this teaches that the aspirant is the architect if her/his destiny.

Sebai Maa here is discussing the exception to that “rule” or “law”, and that is, ultimately, creation is an illusion. Illusion does not mean that there is nothing there…but that it is not being perceived as it is. And therefore, any conclusion we make about why it is, or why it is as it is…though it may have value in helping us navigate our way through creation to discover its illustriousness in the attainment of Nehast…is also illusory.
It’s like being caught up in a dream, so much so that your dream personality starts to ponder about the dream world, and how to wake up. It may come upon someone who has a discovered a method for waking up, and teaches you this method….in your dream. In your dream, the dream you apply the teachings and the you on the bed wake up. You reflect on your dream, and the teachings given by the dream you. Once awake…all that…the dream, the dream you, the dream teacher, the dream teachings were all illusory, and have no application to your waking state.

So, within the dream, the dream teachings were invaluable for your waking up out of the dream. But once out of the dream…the whole scenario was illusory. The whole time it was only you asleep on the bed that was the abiding reality. So too, this relative world is a dream like reality relative to the state of Enlightenment. So…use the laws of causation and the teachings to wake up, but even then, still understand that they are not giving you an accurate understanding of your true essence. So applying the question of Why? And How? And then answering those questions are only valuable if the answer pushes you to Nehas…wake up from the dream of the world process…and attain Nehast.

There is a Buddhist teaching about this, that one of his disciples was asking Why was the world created, and why was it created like this, etc. Buddha told the aspirant, if one’s house is burning down, the first thing to do is to get out. One’s physical “house” is as if burning down…the metabolism generates a physical heat that sustains the physical body…but only for a limited time. So, the encouragement is to get out of the burning house, that is, apply the teachings to attain Nehast., rather than to ask questions about the why and how of the world, and its set up, etc. This is because no answer can give the absolute answer. The absolute answer must be experienced in the state of Nehast.

So, while what you stated is correct within the context of the dream world we call life and practical or relative reality: “The law, principles, spiritual systems, wisdom, ritual, prayer, philosophy, knowledge & truth are there for all of us who are the droplets from the divine ocean to stay on a path of righteousness to avoid constantly reincarnating and forgetting self in the process while experiencing living & being”, even as an aspirant holds fast to those realities, the aspirant must at the same time realize that there is something that transcends even these, that these are only the means to a transcendental end wherein there are no more questions or ponderings. But yet, one cannot reach this transcendental end without these means. They are like a vehicle that takes us to a house. But the vehicle cannot enter into the house. So the vehicle can only guess at what is in the house and tell the passenger what it thinks is in the house. But ultimately, the passenger must walk out of the vehicle and enter the house to discover what is the truth of the house…for himself/herself.

So to realize as Sebai Maa put it:
“The image is not real and yet the person looking into the mirror is also not real. Yet there is something that is real in all that unreality and it is up to you to discover it with the help of the teaching and the teacher. And it is useful, along with avid studies and practice of the teaching, to face the good, bad and ugly of life so as to then be able to fix the unrighteousness that led to it and its hold over the soul, so as to let go and transcend that trinity and discover the glory of the divine trinity within and beyond…”

So, as Sebai Maa put it, all this…all the teachings, etc. are to take you to the point of letting go and transcending and discovering the one’s true essence in the attainment of Nehast.

Seba Dja