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Level 1 Lesson 3, 1:00:47, Intro to SN by Dja- Conference 2008 Part 1

Important Themes

While practicing Shedy we are living the teachings. Thats where the Temple, the experience, the legacy of Kemetic teachings is. The focus of being in the Temple is to know yourself as the divine.

On the menu is Setjer: Blood, Beer, and Mandrake. This is something I have been contemplating a lot, the purpose of the Setjer. It relieves the pressures of the ego, blood-lust, and worldliness and intoxicates us with the divine, which makes us aspire to divinity and follow Tehuti – Teachings.

Blood: The intoxication with worldly desire- Egoism- I am the Body
Beer: Intoxication with Worldly Pleasure- Ignorance – Actions Seeking Pleasure in World of Time and Space
Mandrake: “God Stuff” – Intoxication with Bau (Souls) of Ra.

The Setjer represents the Process of Heteru becoming infatuated with Ra. The Sefech Ba Ra ( Bau- Seven souls of Ra) lighting up and dissolve egoism!

Het Neter : Temple, where you asscoiate with a reality diffrent then the worldy perspective. This allows the mind to turn away from Umt-Ab* ( Mental Dullness) due to Khemn ( Ignroance) and move toward Nehast ( Ressurection-Awakening) to become an Akhu (Enlightened being.)

Shetaut Neter – Introduction

Two-Fold Program: Sema Institute and Shetaut Neter – Temple of Aset.
Kemetic African Religion

Shetaut ( Secret, Hidden), Neter (Divinity.) Not an invented term, it is historical in the scriptures of Kemet. Shetaut Neter “ Teachings about the secret hidden divinity.” Oldest Written term for African religion.

Based on Three Stages of Religion: Matnu – Aru – Shetaut Neter: Myth- Ritual- Mysticism. Reclaiming African Spirituality.
Ra-Herakty – Sphynx represents the historical timeline of Shetaut Neter

In regards to dealing with society: don’t throw it into peoples faces when they dont understand what it is. Keep your peace, practice, and do what you need to do to put your practice first. African religion is not recognized and this creates problems.

All religions have sections that try and preserve the mystical, but generally Authentic religion is not practice ( Myth, ritual, mysticism.)

Neterianism, coined by Sebai Maa, refers to follows of Shetaut Neter.

Our divine lineage: Khepera gave teachings to Tehuti, who codified them and gave them to Heteru, Asar, and Aset. These teachings were given to the priests and priestess through the lineage. It has come to us. ( I feel devotion for this opportunity, Dua.)

Paut Neter: Family of Gods and Goddess. Balanced between Male and Female.

Most Important Myth: Story of Asar Aset and Heru.

Four Great Truths and Neterian Creed.

The Teachings guide us to The Purpose of Life and how to obtain it: Achieve a consciousness apart from bodily concerns, become god-like through Shedy disciplines, Nehast (The Great Awakening.)

Integral Wholistic Yoga: Emotion-Action-Reasoning-Will balanced through Devotion–Righteous Action-Wisdom-Meditation.
The Yoga Exercise is very powerful because it encompasses the 4-integral practices including Wisdom, Devotion, Action, Meditation. Emulating divine, feeling devotion to divine, engaging in Shedy (Righteous.)

What impressed you the most?

For this teaching I was particularly impressed with the Setjer discussion. I recently had a big revelation on the Setjert and why it was used, what it represents mystically, and how it relates to my yogic practice. Everytime before I practice formal GLM meditation I reflect on the story of Heteru and Tehuti visually, in though, etc. I devote myself to the deities of the myth. I feel my Sekhem and Awareness is Heteru, the Serpent Power movement toward the divine is the awakening of the Sefech Ba Ra in the glory, love, awakening that Heteru had for Ra as she listened to the stories of Tehuti and began to remember the truth, and the experience in meditation is the union with Ra. I am cautious with the serpent power movement and am rational as I believe in the past I woke it up powerfully and when I neglected the teachings for 2 years the intensity of ups and downs and the strength of desires flared up because I knew a peace and happiness that Could not be experience in anything in the world, so that same fire was turned to recklessness and disatisfaction. So I am focusing on being steadfast, developing consistent, and serious reflection on the nature of human life so I can work out misunderstandings that turn me back to worldiness or disrupt/neglect the yogic solution and practice. Things are progressing very well now, still cleaning things up and putting everything in order to live the teachings in a simple, clean, clear internal and external environment.