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Udja Sebai Maa,

Thank you for your response. I am still working to understand the precepts, through reciting them, reflecting on them, meditation on them I am gaining more clarity. My question on hair-shaving was actually part of my inquiry into what types of practical acts relate to whats expected of a practitioner of Maat. I have the Maat book, but am still interested in a broader discussion. I recently obtained “Conversations with God” and saw a response on there where you brought up a precept of “not ejaculating too much.” That is in the Maat book and precepts but not in those words from my recollection. For example the precept on not acting against our purity, I am still working to understand what all falls in this. In the text you broke it down into overall principles, should I use those for a clearer understanding of whats expected. Also, I saw there is an audio series available through the catalog, looks like an in depth discussion on Maat philosophy and precepts, should I obtain this and are the audio tapes bought individually or do they come as a complete package?

Thank you