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Seba Dja

Udja Uab Ra Tem,

As Sebai Maa indicated you focused on Aset, the Intuitive Intellect, as the resurrector.

This is part of her Antet Begag nature, her relentlessness in facilitating the aspirant to attain Nehast.

There are many obstacles that will be encountered by the aspirant along the way. In a previous post to Shems Heryt, I pointed out how the aspirant will metaphorically cut off Aset’s head because of frustration and here you also reminded us that the aspirant will also slam the door on Intuitive Intellect (Aset’s face), and lock her out, because of fear (egoism). In other words, one cannot achieve intuition that bestows Self knowledge when one has fear within their personality. Fear relates to fear of death, which means that one does not have insight into their true immortal nature. We say attaining Nehast means dying to the physical world, not literally, but mystically. It means no longer identifying one’s true essence as the physical body and mind, but rather as the Self, that is immortal and eternal.

Kemetic Wisdom Teaching:

“The expectation and the fear of death torture the multitude, who do not know True Reason.”

The aspirant will also act in ways that will poison her/his spiritual movement. The aspirant will become dead to his/her spiritual movement because of ego indulgence and become scattered in the world. Yet, in spite of all this, intuition keeps finding the aspirant, resurrecting the aspirant and reviving the aspirant’s spiritual movement, and healing the aspirant, and protecting the aspirant, and nurturing the aspirant to grow spiritually, and cultivating the aspirant to become fearless to enter the Netherword and master the astral and causal spiritual planes, so that the aspirant establishes him/herself there, as King, Seker, and and then also, in the practical physical world, as King, Heru.

I appreciated your insights into Aset as resurrector, or perhaps more accurately, resurrectress!

S. Dja