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Seba Dja

Udja Aset Course Aspirants

This is in response to Shems Baket’s post: October 11, 2015 #3686
Shems Baket Asu Ra

Re: Asar became intoxicated and committed an unrighteous act by sleeping with Set’s wife Nebehet and had a child with her Anpu.

Seba Dja’s comments:

With myths, parables, metaphors, analogies, one must be cautious in reading more into it than it is illustrating. Usually the maut or moral is limited…and cannot be extrapolated very well.

Asar’s sleeping with Nebehet…if viewed from the practical reality cultural morals, can be seen as adultery. However, this is a mystic myth, and to be reflected upon from a mythic metaphorical philosophical perspective. But even from this perspective, consider that Asar was intoxicated, and did not willfully sleep with Aset’s twin…he just did not realize it was not Aset, since both Aset and Nebehet are identical, except for their headdress.

Asr’s unrighteousness was really his intoxication with the world (egoism), which took away his vigilance, and exposed him to what unfolded as a result. But this is at the mundane level of the myth and this is not the level at which this mystical myth is to be examined and reflected upon.

It should be approached from a mythic metaphorical philosophical perspective.

This was given to us by S. Maa made in response to a post by to Shems Aset’s post about Aset forgiving Asar. I’m copying and pasting S. Maa’s previous post here, which expresses this perspective very well.

“The mythic wisdom of the Asarian resurrection is of paramount importance in understanding the role of Goddess Aset as a goddess and as we will see in this classroom we will explore her aspect as a human instead of goddess and see how she became goddess. As for the plot of the Asarian Resurrection myth it is important to reflect on the idea that Aset and Nebethet are actually twins and though from an exoteric point of view their relationship may be seen as adversarial or opposite, in actuality they are aspects of the same divinity, divided in two for the purpose of creating, in conjunction with Asar, the caduceus of life that is the Serpent Power (Arat Sekhem) Arat meaning serpent goddess and they are the two serpent goddesses which come together to become one as they converge at the point between the eyebrows. So mythically Aset need not forgive Asar for in reality Nebethet is Aset and vice versa and in the context of the Trinity the two are Asars counterparts, he in the transcendental realm and they in the region of time and space.

Everyone pay close attention to the Examples of the Asar, Aset and Nebethet Trinity and Caduceus depicting the unified serpentine essence of Aset and Nebet and the esoteric or mythic wisdom behind the exoteric aspects of the myth as this will be a primary mode of discourse throughout the course. These and other images will be used throughout to convey the wisdom teaching of the temple.”

S. Dja