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Seba Dja

Udja Aset Course Aspirants

Response to Shems Akua’s post from October 11, 2015 #3685

Re your statement: Aset is very relentless in her pursuit to know truth.

Seba Dja’s commentary: Ny, being Antet Begag, relentless, is one of the qualities of Aset. Why is the Intuitive Intellect relentless in bestowing knowledge of Self upon the aspirant? Because one’s true essence is the Self. One is already the Self. This is the truth of the now…of the present moment and of each present moment. It’s the ever present reality. And the only goal of life is for incarnated beings to realize this truth. This relentlessness of Aset is merely to reveal what already is…to have the aspirant unveil her. It’s not a pressurized movement to become something…but to discover what one already is…to have it be revealed, as in the chant to Goddess Net, the prototype of Goddess Aset:

Net Net Dua Net
Goddess Net, Goddess Net, Adorations to Goddess Net
Sefek Cheras Senhu – S
Remove your veil so that I may see your true form (creation Unveiled-to see the Divine Self, i.e. spiritual

S. Dja