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Seba Dja

Udja Aset Course Aspirants

Response to Shems Akua’s post from October 11, 2015 #3685

Dua Shems Akua for your summary, and emphasis that this myth is about the aspirant’s journey to attain Nehast, in the hear and now, showing the way to overcome the obstacles, to purify the ego, and attain Victory. Indeed it is!

Re your statement: b. The dismemberment of the Soul, by Set (unrighteousness) is what leads the Soul to identify itself as ‘separate’ – ignorance of Self.

Seba Dja’s commentary: It’s like the question of the chicken and the egg…which came first. However, what causes the soul’s dismemberment is egoism Set, and Set is ignorance of Self, which is the vision of being separate. Thus, it’s more technically correct to say that ignorance of Self, Set, is what leads to the dismemberment of the soul.

Seba Dja