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Book cover Matrix of African Proverbs

“When sight and hearing fail the many, those who cannot speak will lead.”





Dua for your posting.

About your statement: “The issue with the wisdom is that its still known in Africa but many people struggle to actually live it.”

This is certainly true in an overall sense and it is a problem in most societies since is not the sole possession of African cultures. However, African cultures are perhaps more emphatic on humanistic ethics though the advent of colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism and global capitalism have introduced so much chaos as to disintegrate the African cultural consciousness to such an extent that it cannot be implemented due to so much impurity of greed and overall egoistic tendencies all based in spiritual ignorance and lack of cultural guides (ethical leaders) and the ethical capacity in the populace to follow them.

For more on this see the book MATRIX OF AFRICAN PROVERBS

As for your statement: “An important piece for me now is aligning myself with the Precepts of Maat.”

This statement is so true because being able to follow authentic Maatian life opens the doors to other virtues and the heights of spiritual wisdom; and it is the same antidote for African Culture, if it were possible to be adopted generally. Nevertheless, it is still available for the individual.