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Level 1 – Lesson 4
Reading assignment
Pages 35-50

– Why is keeping company with the wise important?
Good association is seen as a primary way to accelerate and elevate the spiritual development of an aspirant. It is in the nature of the mind to imitate that which it focuses on. It promotes awareness and constant reflection of ones self. Without a preceptor the ignorant mind can make subtle mistakes leading it astray.

– How should a spiritual aspirant think about good association and what actions should they take to insure they receive and benefit form it?
An aspirant should see good association as a doorway into spiritual elevation, they should take comfort in being around good people with good moral standards and virtues. They provide an aspirant with a basis, a foundation as well as a structure to live by, as it was said before it is the nature of the mind to imitate that which it focuses on and if you’re always around good people/good association then you will always have that to focus on. A spiritual perception cannot force us through the door though, we must take the steps to practise the teachings and in turn purify our hearts and elevate our consciousness. We must have the motivation to want to become enlightened.

– What food does the preceptor provide?
The spiritual preceptor provides spiritual food or brain food if that explains if better. By this I mean that they feed us knowledge and wisdom to assist us towards spiritual evolution. Like Nut, they provide is with subtle food once we’re ready to receive it to lead us to greater knowledge and comprehension.

– When can you as an aspirant choose those disciplines which suit your personality?
Once we have learnt the correct methods of spiritual discipline we can then choose which methods suit our personality. This person leads to happiness and peace in life.

Week 3 – Topic #1: Who is a teacher?
A teacher is one who lives the teaching. They are also someone who has achieved a high degree of understanding and personal spiritual emancipation. The teacher can also act as a refuge for people who may need them, or need peace of mind or help.

– What is Sebai?
A spiritual preceptor, an enlightened personality

– Where was the largest priesthood?
The temple of Amun, Asar, Ra and Heru, and Goddesses Net, Aset and Hetheru.

Topic #2: The role of a teacher?
The teacher makes him or herself a conduit an instrument for the divine through which the divine may enlighten others when they are ready.